The IGLTA Foundation's Leadership Development Programs

Leading with Pride

At the IGLTA Foundation, we are dedicated to developing leadership within the LGBTQ+ travel industry. Through our various programs and initiatives, we aim to create impactful opportunities for LGBTQ+ individuals and small businesses to advance as leaders and industry partners.

Our leadership development programs are grounded in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) best practices, thought leadership, and global convenings. We believe that by providing guidance, education, and networking opportunities, we can help advance the careers and impact of LGBTQ+ leaders in the travel industry.

Our programs are designed to empower LGBTQ+ professionals by providing them with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed in their careers. Through our DEI best-practice guidance and thought leadership, we help LGBTQ+ leaders and allies create inclusive and welcoming workplaces that attract and retain top talent. We also offer global convenings that bring together LGBTQ+ leaders and industry partners to share best practices, collaborate on new initiatives, and build lasting relationships.


One area of focus for the IGLTA Foundation is supporting transgender travelers. We recognize that trans individuals face unique challenges when traveling, from navigating legal and cultural barriers to accessing gender-affirming healthcare. That's why we work to educate the travel industry on the needs of trans travelers and promote policies and practices that ensure their safety and comfort.


We are also committed to expanding tourism in emerging destinations. We believe that tourism can be a powerful force for economic development and social change, and we work to promote LGBTQ+ travel to destinations that are often overlooked or underserved. By working with local partners and communities, we help to create welcoming and inclusive tourism experiences that benefit both visitors and residents alike.

As part of our commitment to promoting LGBTQ+ tourism in emerging destinations, we are putting a particular emphasis on India as we believe it is a vibrant and diverse destination with a rich cultural heritage, making it an attractive option for travelers worldwide. Our efforts are focused on developing initiatives that will create a positive impact on the tourism industry and LGBTQ+ travelers. We will work closely with local businesses, organizations, and communities to promote inclusivity, diversity, and awareness. Our ultimate goal is to make India a more welcoming and accessible destination for LGBTQ+ travelers and businesses alike.


The IGLTA Foundation empowers LGBTQ+ welcoming businesses through leadership, research and education. This award recognizes a business member of IGLTA whose initiatives encourage the responsible development of tourism in three key areas: environment, community, diversity & inclusion. The Impact Award is presented in partnership with The TreadRight Foundation, the foundation created by The Travel Corporation's family of brands.


About the IGLTA Foundation

The IGLTA Foundation empowers LGBTQ+ welcoming tourism businesses globally through leadership, research and education. Founded in 2012, the foundation is the 501(c)3 public charity subsidiary of IGLTA and supports initiatives for industry organizations, leaders and communities to advance LGBTQ+ travel around the world.