About IGLTA Accredited


IGLTA Accredited™ helps LGBTQ+ travelers find the feeling of a welcoming home away from home, no matter how far they go.

The program is based on an 8-criteria assessment focused on the LGBTQ+ inclusivity efforts of travel brands. The accreditation is an all or nothing approval, so organizations must meet all 8 criteria each year to continue to claim they are IGLTA Accredited™ .

IGLTA Accredited™ is NOT a training or education program on how to be LGBTQ+ inclusive. Rather, it is an audit and declaration that the inclusivity efforts are in place. However, IGLTA can provide travel brands with a list of recommended organizations who do provide the necessary inclusivity training in order to become accredited. While applying for accreditation itself is relatively simple, the steps necessary to be inclusive and become eligible as an accredited business are rigorous.