About IGLTA Accredited


IGLTA Accredited™ helps LGBTQ+ travelers find the feeling of a welcoming home away from home, no matter how far they go.

The program serves as the gold standard of assurance that travel brands are committed to promoting equality and safety for LGBTQ+ travelers. Evidence-based allyship ensures properties and travel organizations meet comprehensive criteria and evaluation processes before being recognized as IGLTA Accredited™.

  • IGLTA Accredited™ is NOT a training or education program on how to be LGBTQ+ inclusive. Rather, it is an audit and declaration that the inclusivity efforts are in place. However, IGLTA can provide travel brands with a list of recommended organizations that provide the necessary inclusivity training to become accredited.

  • To maintain IGLTA Accredited status you must renew your accreditation annually for which you have to submit updated documents for a verification audit. 

  • No, as long as you don’t let your IGLTA Accredited status expire, you don’t have to pay for the admin fee. 

  • Yes, IGLTA is the global authority on LGBTQ+ travel and runs the only global LGBTQ+ accreditation program. So yes, IGLTA Accredited is available everywhere in the world including your region! 

  • IGLTA Accredited only reviews applications in English or translated into English. We look towards expanding the program into other languages soon but for now English is the only official IGLTA Accredited language.

  • For now IGLTA Accredited is only available to accommodation and lodging businesses that include hotels, resorts, motels, hostels, bed and breakfasts, guest houses and other accommodation businesses. We are looking to expand IGLTA Accredited to other types of businesses soon, stay tuned.

  • It depends on how long you take to prepare and send all the documents required in the 8-point criteria system. It can take as little as 1 week or as long as 6 months. Once you submit an application, an auditor reviews and responds within 2 business days.

    The accreditation is an all-or-nothing approval, so organizations must meet all 8 criteria each year to continue to claim they are IGLTA Accredited™. The associated admin and annual fees cover the cost of the audit and do not guarantee accreditation until all 8 points have been successfully met and approved by the auditor. The auditor will work with applicants to ensure they understand how to successfully complete all the necessary steps within the 8-point system.

  • No, Accreditation does not include IGLTA Membership, the two programs are vastly distinct, Membership makes you part of the IGLTA Membership community and IGLTA Accredited validates that you have done the work and that you deliver on your promise of being LGBTQ+ welcoming.