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Welcome to the IGLTA Business blog. We’ve created this B2B blog to engage with IGLTA members and tourism professionals to share interesting insights, travel news and trends, member features, industry events and information related to the IGLTA and LGBTQ+ tourism community.

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  • 4 minutes

For tech platforms operating in the travel industry, finding concrete ways to action allyship with on-the-ground operators, suppliers and local communities can feel far from…

  • 8 minutes

Sustainable Travel Champion: An Inspiring Interview with Brett Massoud, Founder of Dadamanga, 2022 IGLTA Foundation Impact Award Recipient…

  • 5 minutes

By John Tanzella, IGLTA President/CEO, iglta@iglta.org Undoubtedly these are complicated times. Thanks to the Internet and modern travel, the world’s citizens are more…