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We're so glad you're a part of the IGLTA Membership Community, where everyone is welcome to connect, share, learn and engage, to create a better and more inclusive travel industry. While you are here, please scroll through different sections with all the most up-to-date information about your benefits and what we're doing to support tourism businesses and help grow LGBTQ+ tourism across the globe. 

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IGLTA, the International LGBTQ+ Travel Association was founded in 1983 and is the world's leading network of LGBTQ+-welcoming tourism businesses. We provide free travel resources and information while continuously working to promote equality and safety within LGBTQ+ tourism worldwide. IGLTA’s members include LGBTQ+-friendly accommodations, transport, destinations, service providers, travel advisors, tour operators, events and travel media.

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IGLTA provides you with the ability to customize your profile and share it with other members and visitors. You have access to the LGBTQ+ events and pride calendars to add your own. Make sure your profile and your events are constantly up to date for maximum visibility and reach.  You also have access to our logos and branding guidelines so you can tell the world that you are part of our diverse community of members. 

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We are hosting ongoing conversations with you as we navigate the recovery of the tourism industry. We’re enlisting industry leaders from our membership and beyond to provide you with resources to move forward and continuously learn about the world of LGBTQ+ travel.

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Did you know that as an IGLTA member you can contribute to our Travel Blog and Business Blog? This is one of the most visited sections of our website and we're always happy to receive new entries. Just make sure the content is editorial! You can add all your promotional messaging on your listing profile. 

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IGLTA publishes daily posts to several consumer-focused social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We use these platforms to share useful travel information as well as promote our member's products and services. Getting featured on our social media channels does not incur additional costs and is included once per quarter in your annual membership fee. For more information or assistance accessing enhanced marketing tools, please contact our consumer marketing department ( Additional information on these marketing tools can be found here.

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Does your business offer services in multiple destinations? If so, then IGLTA's travel guides can help promote your business with the option to list multiple locations for your business’s products and services. Associating your business with multiple countries in your profile will allow you to be displayed in more relevant places on the IGLTA website. Click here for more info on how to activate this feature. We currently offer 33 country-specific LGBTQ+ guides, plus guides focused on safety and LGBTQ+ rights.

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The IGLTA Foundation empowers LGBTQ+ welcoming travel businesses globally through leadership, research and education. Founded in 2012, the foundation is the 501(c)3 public charity subsidiary of IGLTA and supports initiatives for industry organizations, leaders and communities to advance LGBTQ+ travel around the world. 

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The IGLTA Foundation funds research to promote understanding of LGBTQ+ travel within the global tourism industry. This research provides demographic information about LGBTQ+ travelers and economic data about the LGBTQ+ tourism market. The IGLTA Foundation also funds original research on issues affecting the LGBTQ+ travel industry.

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This membership incentive program is designed to assist small LGBTQ+-owned/ operated tourism businesses in emerging markets where the infrastructure for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender tourism is not yet established. Due to the lack of visibility for transgender-run businesses, this program is open to transgender-owned/operated businesses anywhere in the world.

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See our latest press releases and what global media outlets are saying about IGLTA. 

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IGLTA has staff and representatives located throughout the world to help promote LGBTQ+ tourism and members.

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IGLTA staff and board attend many industry events and conferences around the world each year. Some of these events might be in your region, offering a great chance to meet with us in person.

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IGLTA Global Convention

Each year, IGLTA has hosted a Global Convention attracting hundreds of tourism professionals. Our convention is not only the largest of its kind, but it is also the longest-running. Since 1984, it has been the world’s premier educational and networking event for LGBTQ+ tourism. Each edition of the conference connects LGBTQ+ and LGBTQ+ welcoming travel and tourism suppliers and buyers through a hosted buyer and scheduled appointment program, numerous educational workshops and networking receptions. For more information about our convention:

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IGLTA AccreditedTM

IGLTA Accredited™ helps LGBTQ+ travelers find the feeling of a welcoming home away from home, no matter how far they go. The program is based on an 8-criteria assessment focused on the LGBTQ+ inclusivity efforts of travel brands. The accreditation is an all-or-nothing approval, so organizations must meet all 8 criteria each year to continue to claim they are IGLTA Accredited™.

IGLTA Accredited™ is NOT a training or education program on how to be LGBTQ+ inclusive. Rather, it is an audit and declaration that the inclusivity efforts are in place. However, IGLTA can provide travel brands with a list of recommended organizations who do provide the necessary inclusivity training in order to become accredited. While applying for accreditation itself is relatively simple, the steps necessary to be inclusive and become eligible as an accredited business are rigorous. 

Visit our dedicated IGLTA Accredited to learn more about the program and how to apply

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