Join IGLTA and unlock a world of benefits for your accommodation business. Gain the trust and bookings of LGBTQ+ travelers with our accreditation. Access tailored market research and insights, attract a broader LGBTQ+ clientele, and collaborate with fellow providers. Enhance your visibility as an LGBTQ+ welcoming destination using our logo. Network at our leading LGBTQ+ Tourism event where you can actively participate in our Buyer/Supplier Marketplace. Host exclusive LGBTQ+ FAM Trips, welcome IGLTA media and influencers, and be featured on our travel blog. Elevate your business with IGLTA.

Annual Membership Rates for Accommodations

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Exclusive Membership Benefits - Accommodations

Marketing & PR Tools - LGBTQ+ Market Insights: Gain exclusive access to tailored market research. Understand and cater to the unique preferences of LGBTQ+ travelers, enhancing both your service and appeal. Enjoy discounted marketing opportunities.
Collaborative Opportunities: Connect with other accommodation providers. Explore memberships, cross-promotions, and shared experiences within the LGBTQ+ travel community.
IGLTA Logo: Display the IGLTA logo, symbolizing your alignment with a globally recognized LGBTQ+ Travel Association. Boost your visibility and credibility.
Attend our annual Buyer/Supplier Marketplace. Network with top industry players, showcase your offerings and cement your place in the leading LGBTQ+ tourism market.
#IGLTAgo Virtual Marketplace: Exclusive B2B Engagements at #IGLTAgo: Engage directly with dedicated buyers at our groundbreaking LGBTQ+ Tourism Virtual Marketplace. Highlight your inclusive hospitality to a focused audience.
Trade Show Participation: Join IGLTA at major travel trade shows. Share booths, distribute digital brochures, and network at our exclusive events.
FAM Trips: Press FAM consulting program for destinations at a discounted rate.
Media Exposure: Invite IGLTA media members and influencers. Leverage our extensive LGBTQ+ media and travel writers database for press or influencer trips.