India is a vibrant and diverse destination with a rich cultural heritage, making it an attractive option for travelers worldwide. However, despite recent legal reforms and growing awareness, the country still faces challenges when it comes to LGBTQ+ inclusivity in the tourism industry.

As part of our commitment to promoting LGBTQ+ tourism worldwide, the IGLTA Foundation Task Force - India is focused on building programs to inspire tourism professionals to include India on their list of LGBTQ+ welcoming destinations. We aim to connect India-based tour operators with global suppliers, and support outbound-India travel advisors with LGBTQ+ supplier options worldwide.

Our efforts are focused on developing initiatives that will create a positive impact on the tourism industry and LGBTQ+ travelers. We will work closely with local businesses, organizations, and communities to promote inclusivity, diversity, and awareness. Our ultimate goal is to make India a more welcoming and accessible destination for LGBTQ+ travelers and businesses alike.

Join us in our mission to make the world a more inclusive and diverse place for all travelers. Together, we can build a better future for LGBTQ+ tourism in India and beyond.


About the IGLTA Foundation

The IGLTA Foundation empowers LGBTQ+ welcoming tourism businesses globally through leadership, research and education. Founded in 2012, the foundation is the 501(c)3 public charity subsidiary of IGLTA and supports initiatives for industry organizations, leaders and communities to advance LGBTQ+ travel around the world.