Frequently Asked Questions About IGLTA Membership

Have a general question for our team? Here are answers to the most common questions. If you can't find what you are looking for, contact us here.

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If you are still having trouble logging into your account after reading the FAQs, send an email to


How do I get started?

In order to have a business listing on the IGLTA website, you need to register as a member.

Our IGLTA Membership Application explains the types of Business memberships and the benefits you get as a member. You can review exisiting listings, events, and specials on the website, but in order to participate and get your business listed, you must be part of IGLTA.

Membership is open to any individual, association, corporation or partnership directly or indirectly involved with the LGBTQ+ travel industry.

Member dues are valid from the date of joining for one (1) calendar year. Upon the year's end, you must renew to stay a member of IGLTA. Please note that IGLTA, Inc. and its Board of Directors do not endorse or accept responsibility for any individual members, product or service.

Already registered, but forgot your password?

If you have an account already, but are not sure which password you used, click the "Can't Access Account?" link on the login page.

You will need to provide the email address or username used when you registered for an account. Then check your email to reset your password.

If you are not sure which email was used during registration, please email to confirm.

How do I create a business listing?

After you have successfully registered as a member of IGLTA and paid your annual membership dues, you will be taken to the Business Member portal to create your business listing.

Payment options available are credit card, check or wire transfers. For those who wish to pay for membership by wire or bank transfers, please note there is an additional US $20 fee. For wire transfer instructions email

Follow the set of How-To guides provided here, to help you every step of the way in creating your business listing.

What is a business listing?

A business listing is a detailed page of your business that includes business contact information, location, a description, amenities, events, special affiliations, social links and images. These can be added and modified at any time by the business member. The more information you provide the better.

You must be a member of IGLTA to access your business listing. You can log in by clicking on the Login link on the top of the homepage or by clicking here.

I don't see my country or state/region

Because IGLTA is a member-based global organization, we are only posting data for the locations of our member businesses.

As you create or renew your business listing, you will be able to indicate where your business or organization is located. The system will tell you if the country or state/region selected is not in our database. If you don’t see your location, complete the rest of your information and save your listing. Then send us a quick note by email at and we will add your location. You will be able to go back and finish updating your listing before it's submitted for publishing.

How do I search on the website?

Under the Plan Your Trip section, you can search based on location, trip type, provider type and general resource. By navigating through these sections, you will get a list of results to review from our members in more than 80 countries. We provide filters on the right side of each section to help you narrow down results based on your interest.