As a travel association of compassionate professionals who want everyone to feel safe and welcome in the world, the unfolding of the war in Eastern Europe sends shockwaves to our core. We are not a political group, nor are we an activist organization, but we are dedicated to building bridges across cultures through tourism to create greater understanding of our diverse human family. Our hearts are with the millions of displaced people, and especially those Ukrainians who are LGBTQ+. 

—The Staff & Boards of IGLTA and the IGLTA Foundation


Ukraine Statement from the European Travel Commission (ETC), an IGLTA Organizational Partner


We encourage donations that support LGBTQ+ Ukrainians through a number of worthy organizations, both global and based in the region:

Accept (Romania)

All Out (Funding LGBTQ+ organizations on the ground in Ukraine, Romania, Slovakia, Moldova, and Poland for safe spaces for queer refugees from Ukraine)

Budapest Pride (Assisting LGBTQ+ refugees coming to Hungary)

OutRight Action International (Funding LGBTQ+ organizations in Ukraine and neighboring countries)

Safe Place International (Establishing safe houses in Romania)

TGEU (Transgender Europe lists a number of resources that assist transgender Ukrainians)

We also recommend support for IGLTA Honors recipient Rainbow Railroad, which helps displaced LGBTQ+ people globally year-round to find safety through emergency relocation, and ILGA-Europe's work to support LGBTQ+ asylum seekers in Europe.