With Florida as a focus, the report provides guidance for destinations facing governmental challenges

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida (18 April 2024) – The IGLTA Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the International LGBTQ+ Travel Association, has released findings from its latest survey, “State Policy Impact on LGBTQ+ Tourism.” The report examines the impact of Florida’s anti-LGBTQ+ legislation on tourism and was created with input from IGLTA member businesses and destinations in Florida. 


While the data focuses on Florida, the findings are applicable to any destination confronted with governmental policies that could negatively impact LGBTQ+ travel. The state’s recent anti-LGBTQ+ legislation serves as a stark reminder of the work needed for global LGBTQ+ inclusivity, demonstrating how such policies deter LGBTQ+ travelers.


Key Insights: 

  • A staggering 80% of US LGBTQ+ respondents perceive Florida as somewhat or very unwelcoming.

  • The impact on business and meeting travel to Florida is considerable, with a significant portion of LGBTQ+ meeting planner respondents—49% of global respondents and 52% of US respondents—indicating hesitancy or outright refusal to book meetings or travel for business due to these policies.

  • Despite these challenges, two-thirds of US LGBTQ+ respondents and 59% of global respondents would consider visiting LGBTQ+ welcoming cities within states with anti-LGBTQ+ laws, highlighting community resilience and a commitment to destinations advocating for inclusivity.


“We are committed to delivering essential research to help businesses navigate the continuous evolution of LGBTQ+ tourism,” said John Tanzella (he/him), IGLTA President/CEO. “While this report arose from the negative legislative actions in Florida, the takeaways are applicable globally, to any destination facing governmental challenges that impact its ability to attract LGBTQ+ travelers. It also highlights the ways that inclusive destinations – like our engaged members and partners throughout Florida – can overcome the vitriol with authentic support.”


These findings underscore a crucial point: safety and genuine commitment to LGBTQ+ rights are paramount for LGBTQ+ travelers. They prioritize destinations with welcoming policies and avoid those with discriminatory practices. Performative gestures hold little weight; travelers value destinations that actively support LGBTQ+ rights, particularly transgender inclusion. 


View the full reports here: 

  • US DECK: focused on US respondents, with support from Community Marketing & Insights 

  • GLOBAL DECK: global pool of respondents

A one page summary of the report is available here


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