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Exhibit at the LGBTQ+ Tourism Expo 🇵🇷🚀

during the 40th Anniversary IGLTA Global Convention
in Puerto Rico, from 4-7 October!

What is the LGBTQ+ tourism expo? 

The LGBTQ+ Tourism Expo is a mix & mingle lunchtime networking opportunity open to all IGLTA Global Convention attendees. The 40th Anniversary edition of the conference is expected to be the largest in IGLTA history, with an anticipated attendance of up to 1,000 tourism professionals!

This unique opportunity will bring together all IGLTA convention attendees, giving  you prime access to meet with travel industry leaders and decision-makers from around the globe.

Explore the endless possibilities for collaboration with like-minded professionals who share your
commitment to making travel a truly inclusive experience! 

Who is the LGBTQ+ Tourism Expo for? 

Exhibitors will include IGLTA Member business, Unique Destinations, local businesses & Pride organizations.

Network with travel industry leaders & decision-makers from around the globe during our LGBTQ+ Tourism Expo networking lunches on Thursday & Friday!

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Keywest - LGBTQ+ tourism expo

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Did you know that the LGBTQ+ Tourism Expo is a result of the feedback we received from our past convention participants?

They expressed their desire for more networking opportunities, and we listened! That's why we created the LGBTQ+ Tourism Expo lunches with a specific purpose in mind: to provide a dedicated time for travel professionals to connect, collaborate, and forge meaningful relationships.  

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of convention attendees expressed their satisfaction
with the 2022 LGBTQ+ Tourism Expo 

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What last year's attendees are saying

Nothing helps connect and bring us together as much as an intimate moment spent one on one… the Expo and  Marketplace provided me with that.

 - Pony Charvet | LGBTQ  & Leisure Sales | The Florida Keys & Key West 

Key west

The Tourism Expo was so beneficial. It really enhanced Marketplace by giving us extra time to spend visiting with people that we either needed more time with or didn’t get to see during Marketplace. Being able to meet face-to-face with Buyers & Media during the Expo and Marketplace led to many doors being opened for partnerships and future collaboration. Bravo IGLTA!!!  

- Lorna Davis | Global Sales Manager | Travel Oregon
Travel Oregon

Our experience at the LGBTQ+ Tourism Expo and IGLTA Convention was particularly enriching and interesting, we gathered many suggestions on how to make our region even more welcoming and inclusive. Thanks to meeting so many LGBTQ+ tourism professionals, we believe that diversity is a great instrument to evolve, grow and embody values: an essential element for a connected and open community, rich in history but also looking to the future.

- Marta Javarone | Executive Business Development | Toscana Promozione Turistica


The LGBTQ+ Tourism Expo was a great opportunity to network with trade and media delegates in a relaxed atmosphere that supported real conversations and genuine connections.

- Justin Barnette | Marketing & Communications North America | South African Tourism

Why you shouldn't miss the LGBTQ+ Tourism Expo


Increase your brand's visibility 🚀

Make sure your brand receives the exposure it deserves in the bustling Expo hall, during the premier LGBTQ+ travel event of the year.

Showcase your unique offerings 🔥

Demonstrate your brand's products and services to a diverse and unique audience.

Make meaningful connections 🤝

Engage in networking opportunities, connect with like-minded professionals, exchange ideas, and build long-lasting relationships that can shape the future of your business.

Elevate your brand positioning 🗻

By actively supporting the LGBTQ+ community, you demonstrate your commitment to inclusivity, equality, and diversity. 


View Our 2022 Expo Participants

          Interested in exhibiting at the LGBTQ+ Tourism Expo?                                                                                                       Contact us: sponsorship@iglta.org

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