Are you planning a trip in early 2018? We’ve compiled a list of 10 great events and tours taking place around the world from South America and Europe to Asia and Oceania. Check out one of these travel opportunities from IGLTA members. Each one is sure to leave you awestruck.

Joy Buzios Festival

16-18 February 2018

The first big gay resort event in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Come feel the Joy in Búzios, one of the best destinations in Rio de Janeiro state, including 3 days of parties featuring the biggest singers and performers from Brazil - Anitta!

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Gay Male Cruises in The Seychelles

17-24 February 2018

With so many beautiful islands to see and experience, cruising around the Seychelles is a must. This gay group cruise is definitely the way experience all the best highlights as you'll get to be with like-minded people while visiting some amazing locations. Various stops include the Vallee de Mai Nature Reserve at Praslin, the boulder formations at La Digue and the ultimate nature reserve at Aride Island.

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New Zealand North Island Kiwi Culture Tour

21 February - 4 March 2018

You've heard of our wonderful Kiwi Culture, now it's time to experience it! This 12-day tour for LGBTQ+ travelers immerses you in everything Kiwi! Yes, we call ourselves Kiwis, after our indigenous kiwi bird, not the fruit! Join us and become a Kiwi for a while.

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Snow Gay Weekend 2018

1-4 March 2018

The biggest LGBTQ+ snow event in Spain is coming! We all know that winter can get a little grueling sometimes, so forget about the cold with this gay snow weekend full of leisure and fun in Boi Taull Resort located in Catalonia, Spain.

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17-24 March 2018

A week to learn or improve your surfing skills amongst friends. Open to all members of the community and all levels of ability, #GaySurfBrazil is a week of sun, fun, surf and friendship.

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12 Days in Greece — Gay Adventures

19-30 May 2018

There are no number of photos, videos, or stories that can prepare a person for the incredibly captivating country that is Greece. It's a place that few people visit just once. Whether it's the jaw-dropping scenery, the hospitable people, the fascinating history, the laid-back lifestyle or the endless exploring opportunities, Greece leaves travelers in awe.

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Luxury Food and Wine Tour in Pugia, Italy

1-7 April 2018

Our authentic and extravagant Gay Foodies Tour is a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore the world-famous food in this amazing location. Our tour combines the must-see sights of Puglia with a sophisticated exploration of the food and wine specific to the region. Think seasonal vegetables, local cheeses, seafood from the extensive coastline and amazing meat. This is not Italian food as you know it. Puglia cuisine is based on a Mediterranean diet but here the food is explored creatively and always with seasonal produce.

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Gay Cherry Blossom Group Tour

6-13 April 2018

This gay tour features various Japanese cities, a cherry blossom festival, famous sightseeing spots, zen meditation, a tea ceremony and much more! Out Asia Travel welcomes customers from all over the world to explore this fascinating country and culture.

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Thailand Songkran Water Festival

10-15 April 2018

This is the official warm-up tour for TropOut, the modern gay festival in Phuket. Enjoy two days in Bangkok, a chance to get up close and personal with Asian elephants, and then get soaked at the famous Songkran water fight to ring in the Thai New Year.

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Redefinition Cruise — The Italian Gay Cruise

15-18 April 2018

The best Italian LGBTQ+ scene on board a Costa Mediterranea ship. For the first time ever, you can enjoy the fanciest Italian clubs all in one place. The Redefinition Cruise is an exclusive cruise with ports of call including Savona, Barcelona, Marseille and Savona.

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