Are you a business that offers products and services in multiple destinations? Then this feature is for you – the option to list multiple locations.

Associating your business with multiple countries in your profile will allow you to be displayed in more relevant places on the IGLTA website, including a series of new LGBTQ+ travel guides.

The multiple location option is meant to show travelers the locations in which you offer products and services. In other words, these locations are not where your customers or clients come from, but rather destinations where you operate. Including these destinations in your profile will provide more visibility for your business.

For example, we will be launching LGBTQ+ travel guides to Brazil and The United States, but if you don’t update your profile and indicate that your business operates in those countries, then you will not be featured in the new travel guide. Additional travel guides also will be launched initially for Thailand, Argentina, The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Japan, Colombia, Italy, Hong Kong, Canada, England, Mexico, Israel, South Africa and France, with more guides to come soon after.

In addition to adding the multiple locations in your profile, you can also promote any eventstours or special offers on our website through your member profile. When you add these events, tours or special offers, the location of these listings will also feed into our new travel guides, providing even greater exposure to your business to LGBTQ+ travelers planning their trip.

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Need assistance? Click below to read the How-To guides showing you step-by-step how to add multiple locations and events, tours and special offers to your profile.

Multiple Locations How-To Guide

Events, Tours and Special Offers How-To Guide

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