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Laos Mood Travel

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  • Cruises is an inbound tour company headquartered in Vientiane, the smallest of SE Asia's capitals. 

Our team designs, markets, sells and operates tours of Laos as our name suggests, but we can also be the one point of contact for combination tours with Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and China's Yunnan province if necessary.

We have been operating Laos Mood Travel since 10/10/2010.

Our team of passionate travel experts living in Asia will share their personal favourites so the guests will leave memorable and unique experiences

Everything we do is tailor-made. Nothing out of the shelf!

We put in our itineraries as much (or as little!) as necessary. 

Visitors will love Laos for:

The slow pace of life that reigns here

The feeling of safety, security and political stability that make Laos a "safe bet"

The atmosphere and spirituality felt from town centers to countryside ventures

The sunsets over the Mekong River and rolling hills

The hospitality and tolerance of locals with LGBTQ guests

The charming boutique hotels we hand pick with 25-35 rooms and suites only

The genuine experiences we will incorporate in our tours so you have an immersive approach and understanding of local cultures (yes, in Laos, not everyone is Lao; so we encourage you to explore also ethnic minority people's varied cultures)

The savoury and little known Lao cuisine, with its own specialties and influences from China, Vietnam and Thailand especially

The shopping opportunities with plenty of socially responsible buys

The clement weather and temperatures year-round

So, we look forward to opening your eyes on novel travel suggestions for LGBTQ(-friendly) visitors.

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