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Detours - Gay Adventure Travel

DETOURS - Gay Adventures

North America › Canada › Alberta › Calgary
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LGBT Owned
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Get ready to tackle your bucket list while opening up your world to the most amazing people, places, and experiences out there. DETOURS isn’t just “travel”, it’s genuinely incredible experiences that promise to be unforgettable. Anything but your typical “group tour”, Detours is a laid-back approach to travel that feels more like exploring the world with friends than anything else.  Forget the clipboard-wielding tour guide at the front of a 50-person bus, you won't find that kind of trip here.

We don't believe in constructing "cookie cutter" daily itineraries which attempts to give everybody a trip that suits the masses.  Instead, we are passionate about helping each unique traveler have the time of their life. To achieve this, we understand that everyone is different and that our trip leaders are there to ensure our guests see and do everything that our amazing destinations have to offer.  The only structured itinerary is one that outlines what days and times we travel to a new destination; but we add the activities and experiences together, as we go!  Without a set daily plan, you can relax and do what you want, when you want, and there's always others ready to join you.

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