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IGLTA Consumer Outreach Opportunities

Take Advantage of IGLTA's Consumer Marketing & Outreach Program

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 As a response to our members’ desire to have more opportunities to reach consumers directly, we will be launching a series of consumer-focused programs and member benefits.

IGLTA currently reaches many LGBTQ travelers via our digital platforms. Through our website, consumer email list and social media channels, we already reach an average of 75,000 consumers monthly. We plan to not only increase this reach but also to develop new programs, initiatives and member benefits that will help our member businesses reach more LGBTQ travelers through the IGLTA network.

You can access additional information on all of IGLTA's Consumer Outreach & Marketing Programs below. Be sure to check this page frequently as we will periodically update this information as we roll out new programs and opportunities for members.

  • Website Profile
  • IGLTA members have the ability to create a dynamic profile on the IGLTA website with business descriptions, photos and social media links. Be sure to keep your profile up-to-date because we use this information when we promote your products and services via our digital channels. For more information and assistance on creating and updating your profile, please contact our membership department

  • Events, Tours & Specials
  • IGLTA members have the ability to post events, tours and/or specials related to their business products and services on the IGLTA website. Members are encouraged to take advantage of these listings as they feed our consumer promotions via our consumer newsletter and social media campaigns. All events, tours and specials are also listed individually on the IGLTA homepage as well as linked from the top navigation bar on the website. For more information and assistance on creating and updating events, tours or specials, please contact our membership department.

  • Social Media Channels
  • IGLTA publishes daily posts to several consumer-focused social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We use these platforms to share useful travel information as well as promote our members products and services. We also track the visitors to our website and have the ability to develop retargeting campaigns via Facebook Ads to past web visitors and Lookalike audiences. If you're interested in learning more, please contact our consumer marketing department for more information. 

  • Consumer Newsletter
  • IGLTA publishes a 2x monthly consumer newsletter, which provides interesting and useful travel content, stories, events, tours, specials and news, which is sent to our consumer mailing list. Our mailing list currently reaches 24,000 subscribers and we continue to grow that number through a series of consumer promotions and trip giveaways. If you're interested in learning more, please contact our consumer marketing department for more information.

  • IGLTA Logo
  • IGLTA members have the ability to use the IGLTA logo in both print and online marketing materials. As part of IGLTA's commitment to consumer marketing, we will be launching a series of branding campaigns, which will further add value to the IGLTA name, in an effort for the logo to be recognized globally by LGBTQ travelers. Click here to view and download the logos.

  • Consumer Marketing Tools
  • IGLTA members have access to direct consumer marketing tools to target LGBTQ travelers such as e-blasts, social media packages, newsletter sponsorships and web banners. Additional information on these marketing tools can be found here. For more information or assistance in accessing advanced marketing tools, please contact our consumer marketing department.

  • Consumer Promotions & Giveaways
  • IGLTA hosts consumer promotions and online campaigns featuring member trip giveaways to grow our database, website traffic and social media following. If you're interested in offering a prize for a consumer promotion in exchange for marketing exposure, please contact our consumer marketing department for more information. 

  • Travel Blog
  • The IGLTA Travel Blog is an opportunity for you to share your travel expertise with global LGBTQ travelers. All IGLTA members in good standing are welcome to submit posts. These blog posts should be written with a specific audience in mind – the LGBTQ traveler who is interested in reading about various travel opportunities, destinations, events, products and/or services. We are always looking for members to interview, share insights about their destination, provide great travel tips and more. If you’re interested in contributing to the IGLTA Travel Blog, please contact our consumer marketing department for more information. Click here to download the guidelines for submitting a blog post.

To keep our members updated with the various elements of our consumer outreach plan, we will be publishing a series of articles outlining the details of each program, the expected timing and a guide on how members can get more involved and participate in the various programs. Some benefits and consumer exposure will be offered to member businesses automatically, while others will be done on an opt-in basis. We will publish this communication series on the IGLTA Business Blog but will also share those updates in our weekly eNewsletter and via our B2B-focused social media channels on Facebook and LinkedIn.