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3 New Ways to Promote Your Tours with IGLTA

3 New Ways to Promote Your Tours with IGLTA

by Auston Matta on Monday Jul 23, 2018 with 0 comments

IGLTA is excited to announce expanded tour options for members, which will provide more flexibility in promoting your tours on the IGLTA website. Until now, members were required to associate a departure and end date with all tours. For some businesses, this limited the option to include tours or activities which don’t necessarily have a scheduled departure date.

After feedback from our membership, we launched three new tour options including Tour Packages, LGBTQ+ Cruises and Daily/Weekly Tours & Activities. All IGLTA members in good standing may submit tours to be promoted on the IGLTA website for no additional cost beyond your normal membership dues. Below is a brief description of the four tour category types along with several examples to better explain which types of tours should be posted within each category. 

Scheduled Tours

This category has historically been available on the IGLTA website, though the name has now been changed from Tours to Scheduled Tours to provide more clarity between the three new tour types, which have been added below. Scheduled Tours must have a start and end date.

Examples may include: private tours, group tours, sightseeing tours, etc., all with fixed start and end dates.

LGBTQ+ Cruises

Cruises, boat trips or sailing trips can now be promoted in a separate category from other tour types. LGBTQ+ Cruises must have a start and end date.

Examples may include: cruises, sailing trips, boat tours, boat trips, etc.

Tour Packages

Tour Packages do not require a start and end date and can be promoted year around. Tour Packages could include private or group tours which you offer travelers year around but do not necessarily have a scheduled departure date until the client actually books. Tour packages are typically multi-day trips.

Examples may include: private tours, group tours, sightseeing tours, hotel + tour combo packages, etc., which are only scheduled once someone books.

Daily/Weekly Tours & Activities

Daily/Weekly Tours & Activities are typically guided city tours, attractions or activities that take place in a destination in a single day.

Examples may include: guided city tours, amusement parks, museums, wine tastings, food tours, pub crawls, nightlife tours, bus tours, sightseeing tours, LGBTQ+ neighborhoods etc.

3 New Ways To Promote Your Tours With Iglta 1

Posting Events

Just like Tours, you can still post Events to the IGLTA website. An Event is an activity with a date associated and typically takes place in a single location. In most cases, Events and Tours will be different, though in a few cases there may be an overlap. One example of an overlap might include a Tour that is offered during an LGBTQ+ Pride event. In this case you may choose whether to promote the listing as a Tour or an Event.

Examples Events may include: concerts, festivals, pride events, performances, parties, conferences, conventions, meetings, organized group gatherings, etc.

Posting Specials

Members can still also submit Specials to be promoted on the IGLTA website, which typically include a special offer, discounted price or deal available for a limited time. In some cases, a Special could also be classified as a Tour or Event. For example, if you are promoting a trip or tour package with a discounted price, you could choose either category, Tour or Special. The same would be the case if you are offering a Special offer or pricing for an Event. The dates selected indicate the validity period of the special offer.

Example Specials may include: 10% off, buy one get one free, stay 3 nights the 4th free, early bird pricing, book now pay later, honeymoon packages, etc.

Promotions on the IGLTA Website

Once these Events, Tours or Specials are posted, they not only appear individually on the IGLTA website, but also in several places within the chatbot discovery platform including destination specific searches and through the Inspire Me function. These listings are also promoted via IGLTA’s consumer newsletters and social media channels. Below is a link to the individual pages for each type of Event, Tour and Special, which are all located in the top navigation bar on the IGLTA website.

>> Click here to view Scheduled Tours

>> Click here to view LGBTQ+ Cruises

>> Click here to view Tour Packages

>> Click here to view Daily/Weekly Tours & Activities

>> Click here to view Events

>> Click here to view Specials

 Need Help?

For more information and assistance in updating your profile or creating events, tours or specials, please review this blog post or contact our membership department for support.


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