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IGLTA to Launch Enhanced Consumer Outreach to LGBTQ+ Travelers

IGLTA to Launch Enhanced Consumer Outreach to LGBTQ+ Travelers

by Auston Matta on Tuesday Aug 08, 2017 with 1 comments

IGLTA was founded in 1983 and over the past 34 years has developed into the leading member-based global organization dedicated to LGBTQ+ tourism. IGLTA has historically had a strong focus on B2B initiatives through our Annual Global Convention and other networking opportunities around the world. However, in recent years many of our members have expressed an interest in accessing LGBTQ+ travelers directly through IGLTA’s network. As a response to our members’ desire to have more opportunities to reach consumers directly, we will be launching a series of consumer-focused programs and member benefits over the coming months and into 2018.

For those of you who attended the 2017 Annual Global Convention in St. Petersburg, you may have heard the first announcement of this consumer initiative. IGLTA’s President/CEO, John Tanzella gave The State of the Association Presentation on the opening day and announced the hiring of Auston Matta as IGLTA’s Consumer Marketing Manager. He later announced that R&R Partners, a Las Vegas-based marketing and advocacy agency, has offered to assist IGLTA in the development of a consumer marketing strategy. As part of R&R Partners’ recommendations we will continue to use the name IGLTA as the brand in our consumer outreach as well as continue our referral-based model where we direct consumers to our members’ own websites and social media channels.

It’s important to note that IGLTA does currently reach many LGBTQ+ travelers via our digital platforms. Through our website, consumer email list and social media channels, we already reach an average of 75,000 consumers monthly. We plan to not only increase this reach in the coming months but also to develop new programs, initiatives and member benefits that will help our member businesses reach more LGBTQ+ travelers through the IGLTA network.

To keep our members updated with the various elements of our consumer outreach plan, we will be publishing a series of articles outlining the details of each program, the expected timing and a guide on how members can get more involved and participate in the various programs. Some benefits and consumer exposure will be offered to member businesses automatically, while others will be done on an opt-in basis. We will publish this communication series on the IGLTA Blog but will also share those updates in our weekly eNewsletter and via our B2B-focused social media channels on Facebook and LinkedIn. In fact, if you haven’t already, you can follow IGLTA on LinkedIn and on our newly created Facebook channel, IGLTA Business, to get the latest updates and insights on travel news and trends, member features, industry events and information related to the IGLTA and LGBTQ+ tourism community.

Be sure to check our blog, eNewsletter and social media channels regularly so you can stay updated with our consumer strategy and some exciting new programs launching soon like our Enhanced Social Media Programs, Consumer Newsletter, Consumer Giveaways and Promotions and much more.

For more information or questions, please contact Auston Matta, IGLTA’s Consumer Marketing Manager at



  1. So glad to see a more direct reach to consumers. This is one of the main reasons we joined the association. Thanks, IGLTA! :)

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