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South America › Brazil ›São Paulo › Sao Baulo
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BRAZTOA: The Brazilian Association of Tour Operators brings together companies like tour operators, travel products and service providers, being since 1989 one of the most representative entities of the tourism sector in Brazil. Our members cover both incoming and outgoing tourism, domestic and international, as well as working with the various travel segments: luxury, adventure, sun and beach, interchange, cultural or sports tourism, etc. Working as an axis that connects its associates to governmental institutions, the supply chain and distribution, representative entities, press and final consumer, in Brazil and abroad, BRAZTOA can help you to take advice, information and to stimulate the habit of traveling.



-We sell an estimated 90% of leisure tourism

-We transported more than 5 million passengers

-We are present in all the states of Brazil

-We made over R $ 11 billion

* Annual basis, data extracted from Braztoa 2017 Yearbook.



We promote actions and projects that involve the entire Brazilian tourism sector, enabling promotion, relationship, business, visibility, information and knowledge. National and international companies and institutions take place in the events and programs that BRAZTOA carries out. Consult us to find out how to be a partner in these activities and in other projects exclusively developed!


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