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Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau

Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau

North America › United States ›Georgia › Atlanta
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Welcome to Atlanta, a world-class, modern city with a rich, passionate history. Atlanta is a Brave and Beautiful City with an impressive legacy of leadership, progress and inspiration - where all are welcomed with open arms. Atlanta gleams amid glass and steel towers, but the heart of the South's largest city is its people. Visitors are greeted with a big helping of hospitality in a bustling city that is more New South that old.

Home to a vibrant gay community, the city of Atlanta boasts numerous must-visit establishments and can't-miss events. While Midtown is considered the hub of the gay community, the city is a haven for LGBT travelers. Be sure to check out some of Atlanta's famous festivals including Atlanta Pride, Black Gay Pride, Out on Film and the Atlanta Queer Literary Festival. With such a rich culture filled with festivals, arts and fine dining, it's easy to see why The Advocate dubbed Atlanta as America's "gayest city" of 2010!

Learn everything you need to know about the gay scene in Atlanta on . Open arms and open minds invite you to explore Atlanta's charming blend of Southern hospitality and urban sophistication. Whether you need a quick romantic getaway, some legendary shopping or just a hot Southern night, Atlanta has it all.

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