One of the primary benefits of IGLTA membership is your ability to create a dynamic business profile on the IGLTA website. Your profile includes a business description, photos and social media links plus you can identify specific travel categories and associate your business with multiple destinations. Through our website, consumer email list, ad campaigns and social media channels, IGLTA reaches 3.4MM LGBTQ+ travelers globally. If you haven’t recently updated your profile you’re missing exciting new features that can provide your business more consumer exposure.

Here are three reasons you should update your profile today.

# 1 - More Visibility on the IGLTA Website

IGLTA members can post eventstours and specials related to their business products and services on the IGLTA website. Once these are listed, they appear individually on the homepage as well as linked from the top navigation bar on all website pages.

We also recently launched a new feature that can provide you even more exposure. You can now associate your business with multiple countries in your profile, which will allow your business to be displayed in more relevant places on the IGLTA website. Previously, members were only able to select a single country for their business listing, but now with multiple selections, your products and services are more easily discovered by LGBTQ+ travelers visiting the IGLTA website who are interested in specific destinations.

#2 - More Visibility via the Consumer Newsletter

IGLTA publishes a twice-monthly consumer newsletter, which provides interesting and useful travel content, stories, news and more. Our newsletter currently reaches 48,000 subscribers and we continue to grow that number through a series of consumer promotions and trip giveaways. Members who actively list events, tours and specials and keep their profile updated with good descriptions and photos are more likely to be featured in the consumer newsletter. You can view all past issues of the newsletter here and subscribe here, if you don’t already receive it in your inbox.

#3 - Drive Traffic from Your Profile to Your Website

Many travel businesses conduct business through their website and your IGLTA profile is intended to serve as a jumping off point and referral to your own digital platforms. If your profile doesn’t have a complete, accurate and quality description of your business’s products and services, it will not draw the attention of travelers visiting the IGLTA website and you’ll be less likely to receive a referral web visit. Furthermore, incomplete profiles send a poor signal to travelers and your business won’t appear to be a useful or credible source of travel information or services.

How Do I Update My Profile?

Below is a link to several how-to guides, which will assist you in updating your profile:

Members are highly encouraged to take advantage of these website listings as they feed our consumer promotions via our homepage, consumer newsletter and social media campaigns. For more information and assistance on updating your profile or creating events, tours or specials, please contact our membership department: