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Marketing Opportunities

Advertise with IGLTA

IGLTA members have the ability to reach our growing number of traveler members and business members around the world. We currently have over 5700+ businesses contacts in over 75+ countries around the world.

Questions?  Contact our Marketing Department at today!

IGLTA Marketing Testimonial:Marketing the glbt travel expo tour through the IGLTA was enormously successful. This is a new event and I needed to get out the word to travel related companies throughout the world. By sponsoring the IGLTA newsletter, I was able to do that. As soon as the newsletter was sent out, I saw a four fold increase in traffic on my website. That was followed up by phone calls from companies who were interested in becoming exhibitors. My banner ads on the website were just as successful but the response more steady and long term.”

IGLTA reserves the right to refuse any advertising piece(s).

Advertising Services

  • Email Blasts
  • We offer two different types of email blasts:

    Buyer/Business Email Blast: These are sent to our business members who consist of buyers or suppliers.  We have 5700+ tourism business contacts in 75+ countries.

    Consumer Email Blast: These are sent to our LGBT travelers and allies with a reach of roughly 38,000 contacts.  Due to our recent consumer initiative, this number is constantly increasing. Please email us to find out current reach.

    *Note that email blasts cannot be geo-targeted.

    Consumer Email Blast - US $995/blast
    Buyer/Business Email Blast - US $1125/blast

    All creative material should be received at least two (2) weeks before distribution date for proper review. IGLTA only accepts HTML files that have all necessary coding within the <body> tag, is 600 pixels wide or less and houses all images on a set server (so all <img> tags must use the http:// part of the address).  No further restrictions are placed on email blasts.

    To inquire about available dates, please contact

    IGLTA receives very impressive email open and click-through rates depending on the messaging and list you are sending to. Our consumer emails receive an average 26% open rate and 4% click through rate, and our buyer emails have an average 37% open rate and a 7% click through rate. (Industry averages for open rates are 20% - 25% and click through rates are 1% - 4%.)

    Please note that nudity, sexually explicit content, adult material is prohibited.  IGLTA reserves the right to refuse any advertising piece.

  • Web Banners
  • Banners are strategically placed on the IGLTA website ( or and solicit both a consumer and trade audience.

    Click here to view the media kit

    The following sizes are available (IAB Standards):
    Wide Skyscraper: 160 x 600 pixels
    Medium Rectangle: 300 x 250 pixels

    Visits: 148,479
    Unique Visitors: 111,600
    Page Views: 445,584
    Pages/Visit: 3
    Avg. Visit Duration: 00:03:01
    Source: Google Analytics, September 2012. Current stats available on demand.

    Creative material must be submitted one (1) week prior to the first day of diffusion.

    For format and banner specifications, please see the media kit.

    To advertise on the IGLTA website, please contact:

    Please note that nudity, sexually explicit content, adult material is prohibited.

    IGLTA reserves the right to refuse any advertising piece.

  • Newsletter Ads & Sponsorship
  • Reach 4,000 LGBT tourism industry professionals every week. Ad rates are wide and varied with options for all business sizes and price levels.

    For more information, see our eNews media kit.

    Please note that nudity, sexually explicit content, adult material is prohibited.

    IGLTA reserves the right to refuse any advertising piece.

  • Brochure Distribution
  • IGLTA staff and volunteers travel to events all over the world every week. We provide the opportunity for you to send your business' brochures to these events so we can display them whether you are able to attend or not. Some of these events are business-oriented such as ITB Berlin while others are consumer-oriented like pride festivals.

    A listing of events that offer brochure distribution and ability to download forms is available on our IGLTA Booth Events page.

    Pricing depends upon each event. Some events can be as low as USD $100. Pricing also depends on how many brochures you would like to send and how large your business is.

    Any promotional brochure you would like to send is eligible, subject to IGLTA approval. We do not return left over brochures after the event.

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